Whiteboard Explainer Video Style


What is a Whiteboard Video?

Whiteboard videos are, arguably, the most commonly used form of explainer video and for good reason! Often accompanying complex technology, business or academic ideas, these videos portray a hand drawing images in black or colored marker on a white background. Whiteboard videos are a captivating strategy for relaying intricate ideas in an intuitive way.

The style was popularized by The RSA, a British charity that promotes innovative ways of thinking about social progress. When the organization needed a creative way to make its ideas available to a wider audience, it produced a series of whiteboard videos using the audio from poignant lectures.

Whiteboard videos effectively express ideas that may be hard to comprehend using markers and whiteboard, a familiar medium found in offices and classrooms around the world. Traditional whiteboard video is easy to make using a camera, illustrator and speaker. However, the finished product is only as good as these individuals can make it. Instead of actually filming a hand drawing in real time, Switch Video completes the process digitally, animating the images with advanced tools, then scripting and recording a narration. The result is a crisp and professional product that retains an innovative and spontaneous flair, which is what truly characterizes the whiteboard explainer video.

What Industries Can Benefit From Whiteboard Animation Video?

Many industries, including pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, business-to-business organizations and manufacturing groups, have seen success using whiteboard animation video. Any enterprise that is speaking to a highly educated, media-savvy audience can benefit from the increased conversion rates that whiteboard animation videos provide.


Explainer videos effectively explain a difficult concept, product or service that a business needs to present to an audience. In just a few short minutes, a whiteboard video can communicate complex ideas in a way that viewers remember. Businesses can use video to promote products or to provide internal training resources. Pharmaceutical and medical companies can use them as an engaging tool for patient education. Switch Video is constantly helping clients find new and innovative ways to fully utilize the versatility of whiteboard video to suit their needs.


Here’s an example of a whiteboard animation video we did for a client:

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