Web Design

structured + flexible

Our approach will be tailored to fit your specific wish list, and organized so that everyone knows where we’re headed, and when.

great design starts with great conversation.

During our kickoff meeting, we’re listening. Our aim is to fully understand your organization, its audience and its brand. The more we know, the more effective our work will be. Together, we’ll determine the best course for meeting your goals and getting a return on your investment.

We’ll both come to the table with ideas for your future. We’ll listen to your vision and wish list. We’ll share our ideas — with tangible examples of how they’d work — and listen closely to your feedback. Everyone leaves the meeting on the same page and with a clear path forward.

establishing a strong foundation.

Nobody wants to waste time. We like to efficiently lay the groundwork for your project, and check in with you at each step, so we spend less time making costly changes later.

Now that we’re acquainted and we know where we’re headed, our ideas are brewing even before our pencils hit the sketchbook. For a logo project, sketches are imperative. We quickly get our ideas on paper, and then use our knowledge of your business goals to narrow them down.

For a website project, flow charts and wireframes are our best friends. We plan the layout of your content and define an effective site structure without getting caught up in color, typography or imagery. Efficiency is the name of this game.


brand-making details.

Your project becomes alive and memorable in the details. We’ll help you maximize the impact of each component, without losing sight of your priorities.

With client and designer on the same page, our first round of official designs tends to hit the nail on the head (or get pretty close). After you sleep on it, you’ll think of things we can improve. We’ll listen closely, make tweaks, and listen some more.

process makes perfect

When all’s said and done, you’ll have a brand your organization can be proud of. You’ll also have a set of valuable tools that will grow with you — and continue to work for you — for years to come.

In today’s world, you need to consider not only who is viewing your site, but how they are viewing it. Responsive websites we design are considerate of the user’s experience on a wide variety of devices they might be carrying.