Motion Graphic

Motion Graphic Style Explainer Video


What is a Motion Graphic Video?

A motion graphic video is an animated explainer video that uses the type of visuals you often see in infographics. Infographics are growing extremely popular for their ability to present data in a digestible way. When you are looking for directions, which is generally more helpful: reading step-by-step route suggestions or looking at them on a map? Chances are, you are able to get all the same information from the map much more quickly because it presents the information visually.

Graphics help organize figures and facts in an intuitive way. This also happens to be an area that video excels in.

By combining images and audio, video increases the likelihood that new information will be retained. Using sound and engaging graphics, animated videos can express a lot of complicated information in a small package. Combining infographic images and video creates a powerful way to send a message. When you’re dealing with professionals who appreciate data visualization, creative types and younger audiences, motion graphic videos are a safe bet. They are fun, upbeat and sure to get the point across.

What Industries Should Use Motion Graphic Video?

Companies of every size and type can benefit from making motion graphic videos. Whether your business is in healthcare, politics or marketing, these animated videos can help you communicate effectively. Because motion graphic videos are so versatile, they can be an excellent solution to many problems. These animated videos can be used to promote products and services, enlist volunteers for a clinical study, win over internal buy-in from upper management and much more.


Motion graphics are a great way for insurance and financial agencies to explain policies, or for businesses to present industry statistics. If your organization has something to say, chances are, you can say it clearly and memorably with motion graphic video.

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