Medical Device 3d

Beautiful, accurate, award-winning 3D medical device animation for marketing, premarket approval (PMA), training and instructions for use (IFU).


We are artists who love to visualize medical science and technology! We have a rare combination of technical skill, artistic talent and medical knowledge. We create device and technology animations that are as beautiful to watch as they informative.

We are experienced in most therapeutic areas and have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, tissue and organ structure, cell and molecular biology.

Why Invest in Medical Device Animation?

  • – Show how your device works. What sets it apart.
  • – Gain stakeholders. A 3D device animation is a major advantage gaining: physicians, nurses, materials managers, purchasers and case managers.
  • – Awesome investor presentations. Time is limited. Stakes are high.
  • – Lend credibility to your brand.
  • – Use for marketing and training materials, including instructions for use (IFU).
  • – Increase traffic to your congress exhibit booth. Improve engagement with visitors.

The N2Marketing Difference

  • – We’re artists who love science and it shows in every medical device animation we make. Helping you showcase an exciting new technology that will change people’s lives is why we come to work.
  • – We believe animation makes it easier to understand how medical devices and technology work. Better understanding leads to informed decisions, which is essential in healthcare.
  • – Unlike general digital agencies and animation studios, we work only with medical and scientific content. We have the experience and medical knowledge to visualize your device in operation like few others can.
  • – Our unique client services team members all have life science backgrounds. We speak the same language as our clients and understand the challenges they face telling their stories in highly competitive medical device and technology industries.
  • – We do all creative and production work in house, from concept development and script writing, through modeling, animation, rendering and post-production. This allows us to carefully control the design and production process, eliminate errors and hit client deadlines on time.
  • – Our 3D medical animators are trained in gross anatomy, tissue structure and surgical visualization. This ensures a level of accuracy that is essential for an audience of healthcare professionals (HCPs).
  • – Our in-house science expertise, care in referencing and annotation, and experience working with our client’s review committees help avoid costly delays that result from errors.
  • – The end result: A beautifully-designed medical device animation you can use for multiple purposes: exhibit booths, websites, investor presentations, HCP training and more!

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