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What is an Animated Video?

Animated video is a compelling way to quickly and memorably convey complicated information. People of all ages and in many different industries already love video, which makes it a great way to reach audiences. Video is a powerful tool to convey abstract concepts because it combines visual and auditory stimulation, leading to an increased retention rate. Moreover, when incorporated into a marketing strategy founded in brain science, video becomes an even more powerful way of communicating. Switch Video uses narrative and animated imagery to craft compelling videos that present viewers with a story they’re sure to remember. Animated explainer videos use familiar metaphors to help consumers retain new ideas by bridging the gap between short and long-term memory. An animated video doesn’t just present information about a product; it facilitates learning and increases understanding of concepts.

The Many Uses of Animated Video for Business

Animated explainer videos can be applied effectively in many use cases. Switch Video’s team of experienced professionals can design a video style appropriate for any industry, from nonprofits to pharmaceutical businesses and government agencies to professional services.

For instance, government agencies can produce a video that helps them communicate a complicated policy. Meanwhile, human resources departments can use animated video internally for training purposes, too. Explainer videos allow enterprises to effectively communicate a complex idea they want to simplify for consumers.

Animation vs. Live-Action Video

When it comes to portraying a complicated subject matter, animation is more effective than live action video. The versatility of animation allows businesses to truly make their ideas concrete for the viewer. Concepts and value propositions can be visualized through animation in a way that is just not possible with live-action. For instance, animated videos can make charts and graphs come alive on the screen, eliciting a deeper understanding of the content being shared.


Live-action videos can help put a face on a brand name, and they also offer an engaging way to present customer testimonials. While these videos can be great for branding purposes, animation is simply more conducive to helping your target audience understand your brand, product or idea, which is why explainer videos are so successful. An animated video is ideal for introducing viewers to a new topic, while a live-action video may work better for engaging current clients. When used on landing pages, animated videos convert significantly higher than live-action videos.

Use Animated Video to Increase Conversions

When businesses use a short and powerful explainer video to clarify products or services, the rewards can be huge. When Switch Video created an animated explainer video for Rypple, a social human resources platform, conversion rates increased by a full 20 percent, with a greater rate of engagement than the average two-minute online video.


When enticed by compelling short videos, people are less likely to bounce from a Web page. Instead, they will stay longer and come away with an increased understanding of what the company does.

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